Convocatoria: The Dynamics of Masculinity in Contemporary Spanish Culture

Editores Lorraine Ryan and Ana Corbalan. Envío de propuestas hasta el 1 de febrero de 2015.In her pioneering study, R.W. Connell posits that masculinity is a historically contingent performance, and as such, approximates to a fluctuating and contestable gender construction. The seismic socio-cultural transmutations of 20th and 21st century Spain have reconfigured masculinity, producing and sanctioning prototypes of masculinity, which were then challenged and eventually rendered anachronistic by emergent forms of masculinity. In the Francoist era, men were expected to conform to a patriarchal ideal, while transitional culture, for example the films of José Sacristán, extolled the urbane “man about town”. In the 1980s, entrepreneurial masculinity, epitomised by the now disgraced banker, Mario Conde, was exalted. Although cultural representations have validated prototypical norms of masculinity, they have also been instrumental in challenging hegemonic masculinity by thematising the exclusionary biases of patriarchal and neoliberal masculinity (Los lunes al sol), the baleful consequences of machismo for personal relationships (Te doy mis ojos), and acrimonious father-son relationships (Disparos del cazador). The representation of the distortion of men’s subjectivity by inflexible and politicised masculine injunctions in works, such as En la orilla, Un día volveré, Lunas de lobo, and Los girasoles ciegos has further contributed to the destabilisation of normative masculinity.

Accordingly, the editors, Lorraine Ryan and Ana Corbalán, seek articles on the representation of masculinity in Contemporary Spanish cinema and literature. Articles may focus on, but are not limited to, the following themes:

-Men and Domestic Violence
-Immigrant Masculinity
-Neoliberal Masculinity
-The Recession and Masculinity
-Father-Son Relationships
-Child and Teenage Masculinity
-Infirmity and Masculinity
-Masculinity in Crisis
-Gay Marriage

Submission Date for 200 word abstracts and brief biography:
1 de febrero de 2015