Publicación: The Latin American (Counter-) Road Movie and Ambivalent Modernity

Nadia Lie (Palgrave Macmillan)

The Latin American (Counter-) Road Movie and Ambivalent Modernity

Series: New Directions in Latino American Cultures

▶ Offers a critical survey of the Latin American road film genre through an analysis covering over 160 films

▶ The first monograph to connect Latin American road film across periods, nations, and traditions – culminating in a truly transnational study

▶ Provides a unique overview of the genre from a historical and geographical point of view, as well as from the point of view of circuits of production and distribution

This book offers a comprehensive and systematic overview of the flourishing genre of the contemporary Latin American road movie, of which Diarios de motocicleta and Y tu mamá también are only the best-known examples. It offers the first systematic survey of the genre and explains why the road movie is key to contemporary Latin American cinema and society. Proposing the new category of “counter-road movie,” and paying special attention to the genre’s intricate relationship to modernity, Nadia Lie charts the variety of the road movie through films by both renowned and emerging filmmakers. The Latin American (Counter-) Road Movie and Ambivalent Modernity engages with ongoing debates on transnationalism and takes the reader along a wide range of topics, from exile to undocumented migration, from tourism to internally displaced people.