Conferencia Cuba en el siglo XXI [Cuba in the 21st Century]

Aviso. Reino Unido – Universidad de Londres. Martes 17 de abril de 2012.

El Instituto para el Estudio de las Américas (Institute for the Study of the Americas – ISA) y el Instituto Internacional para el Estudio de Cuba (International Institute for the Study of Cuba – IISC) organizan una conferencia académica sobre el tema “Cuba en el siglo XXI”. Participan dos importantes intelectuales cubanos: el Profesor Carlos Alzugaray Treto y el editor Rafael Hernández.

In April 2011 the first Cuban Communist Party Congress in over a decade agreed a programme of economic policy measures aimed at what it called the ‘updating of the Cuban socialist model’ heralding the most intensive and extensive change since the earliest days of the Revolution more than 50 years ago. In February 2012 the Communist Party is to meet again in a special conference to discuss and agree political reforms that are likely to be equally profound in their effect. Just what are the prospects for Cuba and the Cuban socialist project in the 21st Century? How will these changes affect the trajectory of the revolution and it relationship with the wider world?

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