IKAL Independent Art. Connecting the world through art

IKAL in Mayan means “in search of the spirit”

At IKAL we are passionate about art and its powerful role in our lives and society.  We share a desire to find ways to make art accessible to everyone, and bridge the distance between artists, collectors, galleries, and the wider public.

IKAL partners with contemporary and emerging Latin American artists with a defined personal artistic language, by exposing and spreading their work to an increasingly multicultural society.

Given the changing structure of the conventional art gallery model, IKAL works as a mobile and independent art project that is not confined to a particular space.

While we are most active on social media, we acknowledge that art has to be seen and felt in order to be understood and valued. With this in mind, we explore diverse exhibition forums such as art fairs, private art places as well as cultural institutions.

We work as partners to help artists and institutions in the development and implementation of cultural initiatives and offer curatorial advice for the development of solo and collective art exhibitions.

Carla Sánchez Cordero

Silvia Salvagno

Marcela Vargas