Publication: Latin influence on the syntax of the languages of Europe: An introduction.

Belgian Journal of Linguistics, Volume 33 (2019). Eds. Bert Cornillie and Bridget Drinka,


  • On the notion of linguistic influence in syntax: Evidence from medieval Italo-Romance texts. Paolo Greco
  • Participial and gerundial clauses in sixteenth-century Spanish prose: Latinate syntax between convergence and divergence in translation. Santiago Del Rey Quesada
  • On the pace of syntactic elaboration from Latin calques: Evidence from Spanish, Dutch and English. Bert Cornillie
  • AcI: Inheritance and influence on some languages of Western Europe. Federica Da Milano and Pierluigi Cuzzolin
  • The role of roofing: Latin influence on the development of the perfects in Europe. Bridget Drinka
  • Do the parallels meet?: On the origin of the accusative with infinitive construction in Slavic. Andrii Danylenko
  • Latin influence on German word order? Hans Henrich Hock
  • Language contact and language borrowing: Compound verb forms in the Old French translation of the Gospel of St. Mark. Brigitte L.M. Bauer