Convocatoria: Latam Review

Latin America is an important region for the global politics. A region filled with different cultures, natural beauties, resources, as well as economics, politics and social problems. To understand actual situation and developments in Latin America, it is necessary to know the different backgrounds and aspects from these societies and understand the impact of these events to the local population. It could be difficult for European citizens apprehend the complexity of some of the Latin America actual situations.

To hear what the Latin America people have to say about her/his country is a way of approach these two different worlds.  So, I invite you, Latin American, to write about our countries and culture.

Each month, we are going to select, together, a relevant subject to write a short article, for example, “the democracy in Latin America”, “the role of the women in Latin America”, and others subjects that can be relevant.  The objective is to discuss the same topic from the perspective of nationals of each country.

The first topic is “election 2018-2019 in Latin America”. The short articles (no longer than two pages) must be delivered by the 10th day of each month to (Thatiane Moreira), and the article can be in English, Spanish, Portuguese or French.

Would you want to be part of this project? It will be a pleasure have you in our time.